SSPRR Run Room

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Operating Cars and Accessories

See Runner and Guest Access Bridges

Mike's Train House
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Mel's Drive-in Diner 30-9105

(purchased 2001, installed 2008)
Click on photo for repair details.
See article on Diner Speaker Volume Control.

Operating Reefer 20-94022
Operating Track Section 45-1035.

Click on photo for operating the car with the track power off.

Flat Car w/Operating Helicopter 30-7942

Adapt Car to Launch Helicopter "On The Fly"

MTH Helicopter 

MTH Santa/Elf Handcar 30-2511

Repair Broken Handpump Handle on
Handcars 30-2508, 30-2509, 30-2511, 30-2526, 30-4044-0, 30-4045-0

Enhance MTH Handcar Bumpers

Santa Elf Handcar

MTH Freight Truck with Operating ETD  30-76645
Replacement Trucks  20-89010 Yellow   20-89013 White

Repair ETD Blinking Light

Replacement Truck

O-Scale Crossing Gates (set of 2)  30-11012

First cataloged in 1999.  One gate out of 4 quit.

See Momentary Toggle Switch Activation.

See Lionel 153IR Controller Activation.

MTH Crossing Gates
Lionel Postwar
Mike's Train House Lionel Modern Other Manufacturers

164 Lumber Loader

Click here for Base Interior wiring of the Prewar and Postwar Lumber Loader. 164 Lumber Loader

175 Rocket Launcher

175 Rocket Launcher Click here for Launching Mechanism Detail.

This Rocket Launcher and the Modern Version 6-14102
are operating in the SSPRR Run Room.

The postwar 175 launcher can be repaired if all the parts
are available.

282 Portal Gantry Crane

My father was the original owner of this crane. Click on the photo for illustrated refurbishing and details.

Also available are:

Crane and Controller 

345 Culvert Pipe Unloader and 342 Culvert Pipe Loader

Click on Photo for Repair and/or Parts Information

The MTH 20-98215 UP O Scale Die-Cast Test Car Between the Two Culvert Cars Serves as a Spacer.
Culvert Unloader and Loader

364 Lumber Loader

364 Lumber Loader  Click on the photo for refurbishing and details for the Lionel 364 Lumber Loader. 


3419 Helicopter Launch and 3519 Satellite Launch Car

Launch Cars These postwar cars can be manually tripped or auto tripped "on the fly" with the uncoupling track section. Reproduction helicopters and satellites are readily available.

3451 Operating Lumber and 3469 Ore Dump Car

See Restoration of these cars after restoration to operating condition.  Dump Cars 

UCS-40 and RCS-20 Operating Track Section Controllers


See UCS Controller Repairs and Improvements

Schematics, Diagrams, and Instructions are Included.
UCS Controller


Lionel Modern
Mike's Train House Lionel Postwar Other Manufacturers


81445 M.O.W Command Tie-Jector and 82092 Tie Work Car

Title Photo Horn and Backup Light Added to Tie-Jector
(Project with Detailed Photos and Info)

9221 Poultry Dispatch

See Action Video 
(kids play with new camera)

See Sweeper Car Action Repair
(Repair wire source search added.)
Sweeper Car 

16674 Pinkerton Animated Gondola

See Repair on This Car for Restoring Action to Chase Cars.  Pinkerton Chase Car

6-2315  497 Coaling Station Reproduction

Coaling Station Small  This 497 Coaling Station was reproduced in 1983-1984.

See Gearbox Repair with Belt Replacement and Gearbox Diagram.

Alternate Wiring Instructions are shown for cut wires from Controller to Tower.

36787 Jumping Hobo Car

This fun car is manually activated when the Hobo glides up over the hump and "jumps" into the car.  It was built in 2001.  Hobo Car

32910 Rotary Coal Tipple

Tipple       This unit was purchased in July of 2002 and installed in 2008. Click on the photo for installation and repair information

12741 Union Pacific Intermodal Crane - Mi-Jack Crane

Remotely operating this crane is fun for all ages.  Control travel on the tarmac.  Clamp and lift trailer.  Move trailer left or right and set on trailer for road delivery.

If control stops lifting trailers or labors to lift trailers, gears may need replacing.
See the gear and shaft assembly replacement.
Intermodal Crane 

12749 Operating Radar Antenna Repair


1988 Reproduction of Postwar 197 Tower
Wobbly Antenna 

Refurbish the Operating Antenna

Refurbished and Better than New


2316 Operating Gantry Crane - 1983

Operating Gantry Crane Upgrade Improve Hook Cable Guide

Build Replacement Controller

2767 Steam Clean And Wheel Grind Shop

Click here for Detailed Replacement Controller How To

Installed in Run Room  Lionel's Original Controller 
Click here for Wheel Grinder Circuit Repair How To (The lights went out.) Wheel Grinder

24154 Maiden Rescue

The officer rescues the maiden "just in time".
This installation shows activation from one direction via Lionel's 153IR Controller and the other direction via a custom "track trip".
Maiden Building Small
Other Manufacturers
Mike's Train House Lionel Postwar Lionel Modern


K-Line 42509 Operating Speeder Shed with Turntable for Speeder


Repair the Turntable - Tighten the Screw

The turntable stopped moving with weight of speeder.

See Repair in Action Video.
Turntable Repair


The Pranksters at the Tippy Outhouse by Greg Balmas, Action Animations (2004)

Pranksters added to Yard

See Pranksters added to Yard.