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Postwar Lionel Lumber Loader 364

ssprr_run_room027014.jpgThis Lumber Loader (Conveyor Log Loader) was on our family layout in the 1950's. Now I have it in safe keeping for my nephew.

The belt was broken and it was all oily. Restoration steps are illustrated.

Operation and repair sketches are available here.

Disassemble and clean all. The housing can be washed with liquid dishwashing soap (blow dry with hair dryer to prevent rust). Do not use oil anywhere.


Motor Brushes and Brush Plate Area. Clean all oil out of this area. Replace oily and/or worn brushes.


When disassembling gearbox take care not to lose the pulley shaft pin. Remove old grease and clean with denatured alcohol or your preferred cleaner.


Here is the clean gearbox with new grease and Pulley with Gear and shaft assembly with Pulley shaft pin.


 Motor area with motor ready for mounting. Note jam nut that holds the log guide in the top corner.


You're on your own holding the spring. I have parallel pliers with a groove to the inside.

Motor installed.


Pulley installed.


Belt Rollers ready for belt.

The eccentric roller in the
center activates the log mover on top.

ssprr_run_room027005.jpg ssprr_run_room027004.jpg

Top, Bottom, and Back views of belt installed.



Use NO oil on loader. Oil ruins the belt.

The shiny side of the belt faces the rollers.

Click here to see #364 Parts List and Instructions.

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