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Lionel 282 Portal Gantry Crane Restoration

  Below are instructions on refurbishing/restoring a Lionel 282 Portal Gantry Crane. Additional available materials include:

Crane can Controller 


The crane and controller required rewiring, cleaning, and lubrication. The missing smokestack on the cab will be replaced.


Before removing motor, mark the motor mount position with a pencil.

Mounted Motor Before


Dissassemble, clean, repair, replace parts as needed.  Parts 
  MB asked, "How do I remove the spring collars on the nylon gears?" 

Collar removal tip:  Use a small screwdriver with a blade slightly wider than the opening where the red line is in the photo. Twist the blade to loosen collar while twisting a larger screwdriver blade between the bottom of the collar and the nylon gear (use a shim on the gear if needed) to raise the collar.


Replace control wire with 6 feet of 5 wire ribbon cable. Paint one outside edge of cable for identifying wire numbers. The #5 wire is the ground/common wire. See Lionel Instructions for attaching power to transformer.


While reassembling

  Cable Spool string knot must clear Spool Contact String.

Cable Spool String.jpg

Gear Assembly Sequence

Worm Gear flanges on Clutch Shaft assembly must fit into base notches. Install Coil and Bracket Assembly.

Clutch Assembly

Install nylon gears.

Nylon Gears

Wire Controller

Inside Controller

Position Motor so the clutch shaft will go in and out of the coil freely.  Link to Wiring Diagram 
This photo of a different crane shows contact numbers.
Mount Motor   

Final Assembly

Install all gears, motor, wiring, test for proper operation, then slip cab on.



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