SSPRR Run Room

Playing with Toy Trains

Run Room Features

Below are some of the major features associated with this layout.

3 Rail O-Gauge Toy Trains

3 Rail O Gauge Toy Trains have grown up between the 1940s and today. There are trains in my Run Room that are 60 years old and 6 months old. Click here for more details on this layout.
See Toy Train Layout Wiring section.

O Accessories 

Runner and Guest Access Bridges

Many run rooms and train layouts need easy access to the interior.  This section contains access bridges from simple to sophisticated.  4 Bridges

Four Level Track with Helix Access

Helix Connects all Levels  With a table level and ceiling level a Run Room must have a Helix so all levels can be connected.
The Helix is suspended from the ceiling and has multiple entrance and exit points. 

Conventional or Remote Control Types

ZW for Conventional  Track and Engine control is either Conventional, Conventional Remote, or MTHDCS/Lionel TMCC Remote control with instruction links.
A Thomas track has postwar ZW control for children's track.  
Remotes MTH MTH Lionel 

Power for 3 Rail Toy Trains

Postwar Lionel Z  MTH Z4000

Postwar and Modern Engines

Cars and Accessories

Includes information on repair and refurbishment.