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12767 Steam Clean And Wheel Grind Shop

Replacing Lionel's Control Box - Option 1
     (free hanging receptacles)

This How-To project is shared so a replacement can be made of Lionel's original controller.
  Option 1, described here, is the recommended solution.

Lionel made the Steam Clean And Wheel Grind Shop in 1992, 1993, 1995 and the Controller is no longer available from Lionel.  When this three part accessory is acquired, the controller may be missing.  DC power is required for operation.  If any of the sections were operated with AC current they may be damaged.  The following Replacement Controller is based on Lionel's Controller.

Lionel Part
 Lionel's Controller Part #
610-2767-123 Controller Complete

For Instructions, see Lionel's Manual.
Lionel Controller
Lionel's Controller in use in the
SSPRR Run Room.  Lionel shipped the controllers with the white labels ready to apply in the order each of the three parts were installed on the track. 
    Completed Replacement Controller 

Lionel's Original Controller for Pattern

Pattern 1
Lionel's box is  4" x 6" x 2" deep.

Inside Lionel's Controller ---------g
Inside Pattern 

Circuit Board Top and Bottom (print each, flip one side to side, stick together)

Circuit Top  Circuit Bottom 

Wiring Circuit Diagram of Above

Controller Replacement

For "proof of concept" two controllers were constructed.  One replacement was sold and the other is For Sale.
Duplicating Lionel's Box (Option 2) is not advised.  Use this Option 1 (free hanging connectors).

Replacement Back 
The back of the replacement shows Option 2 for DC plugs to the three sections.  Option 2 is a Vertical Pin Header Strip from Scratch which is not recommended.
Just drill 3 round holes in the back and use Option 1 which is free hanging connectors.
Replacement Box Bottom 

Materials Purchased


Xs Not Used   Replacement box is 6.18" x 3.78" x 2".

1 spst on/off power switch  (to fit in round hole)
3 mom sp switches
9-Position Terminal Strip. PC Mount (clip off back prongs)
4 3A 400V standard silicon rectifiers
1 2200 microfarad 25V capacitor
       Mouser Part #: 667-ECO-S1EA222BA
Box (Lionel box is 4" x 6" x 2" deep)

Optional PTC Resettable Breaker, click for info
Hook up Wire
12-14 V AC Power Cord from transformer
Surplus Materials
Polarized free hanging pin and socket connectors, Option 1
    Molex parts are shown below.
Custom Vertical Pin Header Strip (not recommended) Option 2
     use 1/16" brass rod and 3/32" brass tubing

Prepare Box for Option 1Print Box Top Drawing for Option 1 and 2.  See Option 2 here

Mark and Drill Holes to Fit Switches and Wires In and Out

Spring-Impact Center-Marking Punch
1/8" to 1/2" Unibit
3/16" to 7/8" Unibit 

Mark hole locations with Punch.  Drill starter holes with 1/8" bit.
Use 1 3/8" centers spacing for MOM switches and Option 1 DC wires out of back.
Top Layout 
Layout for Top
Pre Drill  Unibit
Arrow shows Back AC Wire entry. 
For Option 1 replace slots with 3 DC 3-wire exit holes.
Option 2 assembly is shown here
Drill Index  Switch Holes 

Size holes for Switches with drill index or calipers.  Mark Unibit depth with black marker.
Unibits cut plastic without grabbing.

Wiring for Option 1 - Use Color Coded Diagram here.

Wire Rack 
Wire Rack
Free Hanging
Molex Parts and Tools (tools are nice but not needed)
 For extraction tool, use metal tubing.
Use other crimp tool or pliers.  (buy extra metal crimp sockets)


Polarized Free Hanging Pin and Socket Connectors
Plugs and Receptacles can be Purchased With or Without tabs.  Clip off tabs.
Illustrations are from the catalog.

Plug Housing
Plug from Box
Male Pin
Receptacle Replaces
Accessory Receptacle
Female Socket
Pin & Socket Connectors
3 CIRCUIT PLUG (buy 3)
Mouser Part #: 538-03-06-2032
Molex Part #: 03-06-2032
Male Crimp Socket (buy 9 + extras)
Mouser Part #: 538-02-06-2103
Molex Part #: 02-06-2103
Pin & Socket Connectors
Mouser Part #: 538-03-06-1032
Molex Part #: 03-06-1032
Female Crimp Socket (buy 9 + extras)
Mouser Part #: 538-02-06-1103
Molex Part #: 02-06-1103

Made up Wiring Ready for Connections (from Color Coded Diagram)
Option 2 Custom Vertical Through Pin Header Strip Shown in Place of Option 1 Pin &  Socket Connectors

Made Up Wiring

Wiring to Box
Switches and Option 2 Header Installed
For Option 1, the Wired 3 Circuit Plugs would be hanging out.
Wires to be connected are twisted together.
The screw clamp terminal strip is not attached to the box.
Wiring Packed
Wirenuts should have a twisted metal coil as shown in the ivory wirenut example indicated by yellow arrow.  Wirenuts can be used safely in junction boxes.  Gray wirenuts were used for yellow 2 wire connections.

Completed Controller

Completed Replacement



Top Labels



 for Steam Clean, Washer, Wheel Grind Shop









Back Labels - AC Voltage In


Circuit is protected with a PTC Resettable Fuse.

When fault shuts off power, reset by disconnecting AC power, wait 30 seconds, and restore AC power.



Bottom Label


(Lionel's Control Box Part # is 6102767123.)

Download Instruction Manual at

See Switch Label placement on Page 10 of Instructions.


Test Electrical In and Out

Voltages:    Test Input - 14 volts AC         Test Output - Under no load 16 to 18 volts DC


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