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6-2315 497 Coaling Station Reproduction - Repair

This 497 Coaling Station was reproduced in 1983-1984.

Gearbox Repair - Replace Drive Belt


497 Coaling Station


A friend was helping me prepare for a Run Room Open House last year and he was tasked with dealing with the "bad order" tickets.  He said this Coaling Station needed a new belt and that would have involved removing it from the table.

Start Bad Order


Terminal Strip at Outside Edge Under Table Top
 Factory wiring between Station and Controller had been cut before table top installation.  Confirm wire identifications before removing the 4 wire cable to the tower on the table.

4 wire cable from tower (wire #1 is the outside wire with rib)
3 wire (2 black, 1 gray) plus 1 white single wire from controller

Terminal Wires
A - Red White - Red is layout accessory 14 - 16 volts. White is from 2315-400 Controller (6002315400 CONTROLLER W/LEAD WIRE)
B - White Black #1 - White is layout Common. Black #1 on 4 wire tower cable
C - Blk #2 on 4 wire and Blk #2 on 3 wire
D - Blk #3 on 4 wire and Blk #3 on 3 wire
E - Blk #4 on 4 wire and Gray #4 on 3 wire
F - Spare
G - Blue, Black Solid - Blue is Layout Track center rail. Black solid is track tap.
(for MTH DCS Filter Assembly see Filter for MTH DCS Controlled Model Train Layouts)

Terminal Strip


At the workbench, remove the screws holding the white bracket.

White Bracket Screws


Before Removal of Gearbox and Motor Assembly
Note 4 Wire cable wiring.

Ready for Gearbox Removal 


See 600-2315-300 Gearbox and Motor Assembly

When removing gearbox top, remove screws, and remove front single tab first.  If that notch breaks, the screws will hold the top down.
Gearbox top Removed 
The old belt is on the left and new belt is on the right. The old belt was probably 1/8" x 1 5/16" (old, hard, crumbly).  The new drive belt - is 1/16" wide flat belt, 1 1/8"+ outside diameter.  The Lionel part # is 600-2315-309 drive belt for 2315 motor.  My belt is a reproduction.
Drive Belt Sizes
Note Keyed Bearing Tabs
 Keyed Bearing Tabs
Clean all Assembly Parts
Clean Pulleys and Belt
Lube Gears During Assembly
Test Assembly Operation
The 12V DC motor below is powered with 14 - 16 volts AC through a full wave bridge rectifier.

The 12V DC motor is labeled General Electric GE 3ADM 12V DC
4F50A1 15 75
Lionel Motor # is 610-2741-100

There are 1N4001 Diodes in the Controller that rectify the AC to make the motor move in either direction.


Test DC Motor and Assembly 

Reassembled Front

Front Assembled

Reassembled Back

Back Finished

Lionel's 2315 Instruction Manual states the Coaling Station is designed to operate at 15-18 VAC.

All the accessories and the UCS tracks in the SSPRR Run Room are powered with auxiliary power dedicated to accessories.  Here are the 2315 Coaling Station instructions with notes that were used to wire the Run Room Coaling Station UCS track.


Here are available Lionel documents for above 497 reproduction Coaling Station.
Exploded Diagram                                         Manual


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