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6-2315 497 Coaling Station Reproduction

This 497 Coaling Station was reproduced 1983-1984.


497 Coaling Station

Jim L acquired a similar Coaling Station with controller separated from coaling station
and UCS track.  Here is his diagram for connecting the controller without instructions.
Jim wired his to run off track power via a Lionel CTC Lock-on.

2315 Wiring Information

Lionel's 2315 Instruction Manual states the Coaling Station is designed to operate at 15-18 VAC.

All the accessories and the UCS tracks in the SSPRR Run Room are powered with auxiliary power dedicated to accessories.  Here are the 2315 Coaling Station instructions with notes that were used to wire the Run Room Coaling Station UCS track.

2315 Instructions with Notes P.1

The arrows on the UCS Track below show installation notes for auxiliary power.

2315 Instruction with Notes P.2

Here are the available Lionel website documents for the 497 reproduction Coaling Station.
Exploded Diagram     Service Tip      Manual
May 10, 2012


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