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12741 UP Intermodal Crane - Mi-Jack Crane

    Repair impaired trailer lift by replacing the "gear and shaft assembly" . 


Mi-Jack Intermodal Crane


The gear box cover screws are stored inside box so the winding spool with the four cable lines can be accessed with the crane in place.  The cables occasionally jump out of slots and have to repositioned with tweezers. Open Top Gear Box

Six Screws Removed and Spread for Gear Removal

Gear Box Spread for Gear Change

Gear Assembly Replaced

Relieve cable line slack, position cables, and test operation.

Gears Replaced

Replace Six Screws and Gear Box Cover

Gear Replacement Completed

Broken Gear with Arrows Indicating New Gear Assembly Installed

Replaced Broken Gear

May 19, 2012   To find and purchase the above Gear, see Lionel Replacement Parts at Lionel's Customer Service.  The gear part number is 6SP2741105 or search for "intermodal crane" for exploded parts diagram.


From Lionel's Parts List at :
Part # 6SP-2936-080


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