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12749 Radar Antenna - Repro of postwar 197 Radar Antenna


See Video of Improved Antenna after Repair

This operating antenna has been wobbly spinning along for years and finally stopped.

The repair required adding a brass bushing for the shaft and replacing the black Driving Washer.

See 1997 Lionel Instructions and

Diagram with Replacement Parts.
Rocking Antenna


Remove Vibrotor Cover
The driving slug needed to be smoothed on the bottom.

 Cover Off


Tools Used
1/8 " Drill bit and Unibit
Surplus chuck for hand drilling
MotoTool with fiber cutting wheel
Files for finishing tube ends
Letraset burnisher to seat driving washer with fingers
parallel pliers
Dad's Lionel track pliers
Materials Used
Brass Tubing 1/8" OD 5/16" long for bushing
240 wet or dry paper to smooth out groove in shaft
Graphite powder for lubrication



Hard Finger Washer with Flat Fingers

The powdery looking dust is reflected light off old graphite.
Washer with Fingers

Test fit Brass Rod in Motor Shaft
Test Fit
Ream Shaft Hole by Hand with 1/8" Bit
Hand Drill

After Test Fit More Hand Reaming Needed
Clean all Surfaces
Ream for Tubing

Mark Brass Depth for Cutting
Mark Depth

Brass Bushing is about 5/16" Long
Set Up for Cut

Ready for Assembly
The antenna weight rides on the pointed tip.


Ready for Assembly



Lubricate with graphite.
Set Finger Washer with Burnisher
Set Washer
Antenna shaft had notch worn into it that had to be smoothed.  Note slight shaft tilt.
Bent Shaft


Apply 12 Volts AC For Testing
It operated fairly well but was still slightly tilted.

Slightly Cocked


With parallel pliers holding black square shaft, very slightly straighten the pointed antenna shaft.



See Video





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