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Items for Sale

This page is updated to show my current items for sale. Click on photos for a page with more information. Question? Contact the COO (Chief Operating Officer) using the email button to the right.  (If email link is absent, please enable javascript.) 


Lionel Items

Freight Cars and Track Clips

#17882   1990 LOTS w ETD #19529    A. C. Gilbert Reefer  $15 #2901 027 Track Clips 
Boxcar w ETD  Gilbert Reefer 027 Track Cllips sml 

MTH Items -Railking and Premier

  30-6436 Circus Overton Coach Set of 3    new $150  
  Overton Car   

Premier UP Smooth Sided Passenger Car     All lights work.

20-67246 Full Length Dome Car $80
  UP Full Dome