SSPRR Run Room

Playing with Toy Trains

3 Rail O Gauge Toy Trains

Runner and Guest Access Bridges

  see Construction Photos and Drawings for Atlas 3-Rail Pratt Truss Bridge with Lift Assist

Atlas 3-Rail Pratt Truss Bridge with Lift Assist

Atlas 2 Track Bridge

The CEO (Chief Engineering Officer) started design and construction with Atlas 3 Rail Pratt Truss Bridges and designed 2 deluxe access bridges for the SSPRR Run Room.  The single track bridge super structure is used on the Run Room Ceiling Track Crossover.  The maintenance department has neglected to install the safety cable railing for the single track bridge.

Thanks to the Run Room CEO, bridge performance has been exceptional for years.  The only improvement that could be made is to secure the track rails so they don't slip back and forth (could be secured with pins or glue).  Gas springs hold the bridges up.  The custom hinges and spring hardware increase the stability of the bridges.  The added hardware is attached to the existing Atlas steel straps inside the girder slots.

Click on photos to see the bridge locations in the Run Room.

Construction photos and drawings are posted for your use. 
Atlas Single Track with no Super Structure
Engine safety electrical circuits prevent an Ooops.  This Lionel 671 is diving into the hole where the bridge is open.

See Engine Safety Relays for protection at the Atlas lift bridges.
See Access Bridges used as Switches for more circuits.
Lionel 671 Diving onto Floor 

Finished 2 Track Up  ←The finished bridge in up position with gas
spring holding the bridge up.  The bridge
track and switch contact are powered with
the stranded wires from the table.

The Atlas 2 track bridge during construction
before the super structure is attached.  To
close or open the bridge, grab the deck at the
Atlas 2 Track Before Super Structure 


Atlas 3-Rail Two Track Pratt Truss Bridge with Lift Assist installed before tables are finished and track is laid.  The gas spring starts holding the bridge about half way to all the way up.
Gas Spring Holds Bridge
 Two Track Bridge Before Table Track



The fabrication variables between the single and
double track bridge are noted with the
Construction Photos and Drawings.

The single track bridge is configured to stay up
at an 80 degree angle instead of 85 degrees to
prevent collision with the Ceiling Track structure.
Single Track Bridge Hinges
Atlas Single Track Bridge at 80 degree Angle
  see Construction Photos and Drawings for Atlas 3-Rail Pratt Truss Bridge with Lift Assist

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