SSPRR Run Room

Playing with Toy Trains

Technical Information


Basic Soldering information is included in the Wiring section.  

Small Soldering Iron 

ssprr_run_room006006.jpgMTH DCS Filter

On moderate to large size layouts, communication issues can become an issue causing the remote control to fail on certain parts of the layout. These inexpensive filters seem to improve the communications significantly.

No knowledge of electronics is required to build and install these filters.


Battery Substitutes for MTH Engines

MTH PS2 engines require rechargeable batteries for proper operation.  

9V Battery Substitute

MTH PS2 Upgrades

See step by step processes to upgrade PS1 engines:
MTH 20-2082-1 (1995) UP FM H-10-44 Diesel w PS1
MTH 20-2151-1 (1998) AT&SF F3 AA Set with added 20-2151-4 powered B unit (photo at right)
MTH F3 ABA Upgrade 
MTH #80 Coal Turbine requires a PS2 Upgrade Kit and a PS2 Upgrade Slave Kit
MTH 20-3021-1 (1997) UP Big Boy
MTH 20-3025-1 (1998) SP AC-6 Cab Forward (in photo)  
Cab Forward 

Phasing Transformers

ZW and Z4000 Transformers  On a train layout, if you have two ac transformers powering two different divisions and they're "out of phase" it would be possible to inadvertently run 40 volts through a locomotive when it's over the center rail insulating track pin separating the divisions.  Link

Wiring for 3 Rail O Gauge

See basic to advanced wiring information for small to very large toy train layouts.   Wiring with Fuse 


Circuit Protection for Toy Trains

        Ziggy Resettable Protection Z4000 Breakers
  Hazard Protection   Resettable Protection   MTH Z4000 Breaker

Helix Examples and Plans

The SSPRR layout utilizes a helical track to allow the train to transition from one level to the next. Information on helix designs can be found here.




Revive, Maintain, and Run Postwar Trains

See How to make Common Repairs for Electric Trains (7 pages).  Postwar era 1945 to about 1965

How to Operate Lionel Trains and Accessories (59 pages) -1954

Brakeman's Super Riveter Set

The Brakeman's Super Riveter is a "must have" for postwar toy train repair.  The tools quickly, easily and affordably flair rivets to assemble toy train components without using a hammer or a press. 

See the Description and Use document.
Brakeman's Set

Rivet/Wheel Press and Riveter

See photos and purchasing information.

Remove Boiler Shell from a MTH Articulated Steam Engine

See photos and instructions.

MTH Smoke Units

Motors can be replaced so you don't have to replace the whole smoke unit.

Operating Accessories

Always test operation before installing - soon after purchase if possible.