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3451 Operating Lumber and 3469 Ore Dump Car

Trash or Treasure?  Cars Shown in Restored Operating Condition.

Operational Restoration


These cars were advertised used and operational at a very good price.  Upon arrival, inspection revealed bug infestation, deep rust, corrosion in wiring, loose wires, broken wire, and wire shorting to car body.  The coil cover was missing on the Ore Dump Car.  The wheels did roll.  I seriously considered throwing them in the trash.  If I count the time and money involved in this restoration they were definitely not worth the trouble. 


Restoration Began with Disassembly and Cleaning

Print Exploded Parts Diagrams for Log Dump and Coal Dump Page 2 Parts Identification During Disassembly.
Use Part Numbers for Replacement Parts Order List.


for 3451 log dump
    2  TC-110R coupler head & coil assy repro 7.50
    2  TC-120 shoe contact spring reproduction
    TC-22 knuckle spring   (from my stock)
    TC-23 knuckle pin black  (from my stock)
    3451-31 Contact Strip Reproduction (WSR-43)

for 3469 coal dump TT-208X slide shoe, plate & rivet kit 1.00 (2 each for coal and lumber)
    2  6TC-12 Collector Shoe Spring
    2  61-14 Brass Eyelet
    25 for my stock   480-16 Knuckle Spring

for Coal Dump Car 3459-27
    frame cover reproduction 3.00

misc. parts
    480-18B black horseshoe washer
 from my stock
    Replacement wire - Wire-Plex 22-gauge  (super flexible wire)


Dirt and bugs were removed and parts are ready for a lamp oil (purified kerosene with odor removed) soak.  Soaking loosens the harden grease and oil.  After soaking parts were scrubbed clean with a toothbrush.  After air drying parts were wiped and inspected for any repairs needed.

Before Soaking

One of the log car axles was straightened.  Rust and corrosion was removed with fine files and a wire brush in a Moto Tool.  Electrical contact surfaces require the most attention. 

Ready for Cleaning


Wire Brush Cleaning


The coil wires on the log car couplers had corroded and broken.

Replacing the coil couplers on the log car did not go well.  I did it before and forgot how.  I ruined two out of three replacement coils when over pressing the formed rivet when attaching to the truck with my Rivet/Wheel Press and Riveter.  The only item not restored to excellent operating condition was one of the coils I squashed too hard.


Coil Coupler Replacement Sequence

Secure old coil to remove the coil at the rivet.  Do Not enlarge the mounting hole in the base plate.
Start with #41 bit to remove the coil.

Remove Old Coil


Rivet Removal


This is the old chuck used to hand ream the top ridge off the rivet.  Use a 11/64" bit or smaller.
Very gently remove most of the rivet ridge.

Reaming Chuck


Gently pry the base plate off with a small screwdriver.

Pry Apart



These are the closest tools I had to attach the coil coupler to the base plate.  These tools are used with my Rivet/Wheel Press and Riveter .  I managed to attach one replacement coupler correctly.  I ruined two more by squshing too hard.  I needed a better shaped cup for the base or a more patient finesse. 

Attach Coil Tools




Contact Spring


The contact replacement contact spring may not be an exact duplicate.  For ease of soldering wire to contact spring, drill 1/16" hole in wiring tab (use punch then variable speed drilling).

Contact Spring


Log Car Parts Ready for Wiring and Assembly

Assembly Ready

Coil Coupler Trucks Ready


See Helpful Wring Information at
UCS-40 and RCS-20 Operating Track Section Controllers.

Log Coil Plunger


A  log dump coil wire was shorting to the coil shield.  The bare wire near the coil was coated with Liquid Tape and the cloth shield was repositioned.

Log Coil Plunger 2


Liquid Tape



Wire Log Dump Car 



Remove old shoe rivets using a 3/32" drill bit. Install new rivets and shoes with the Brakeman's Riveter.
Solder super flexible wires to rivet.  See bottom of page 8 about miscellaneous trucks.


New Sliding Shoes

Reassemble and Wire Coal Dump Car 

Frame Cover



Coal Car Rewired


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