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345 Culvert Pipe Unloader & 342 Culvert Pipe Loader

This Culvert Handler set has performed well for years.  The Unloader finally quit travelling far enough to wipe the culverts off onto the ramp.

See Instructions and Exploded Diagrams Lionel 345 342 Culvert Handlers

When the magnet quit travelling far enough to wipe the culvert off onto the ramp fiddling with it didn't help so I added more weight to the counterweight as a temporary fix.

Unloader Analysis

During in depth analysis with the Unloader mechanism exposed it appeared resistance from the aged fuzzy string was enough to prevent adequate travel to the ramp. 

Unloader Analysis Top Off

The replacement string from a postwar parts man worked very well at a length of 41 3/4", not the 43 1/2" suggested in the repair diagram 

345 Line Lengths

Unloader Analysis 3

Successful Repair

Unloader Repair Testing

The MTH 20-98215 UP O Scale Die-Cast Test Car on the right serves as a spacer between the culvert cars. 

Unloader Repaired


See Instructions and Exploded Diagrams

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