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164 Lumber Loader

Wiring for Inside Base of Postwar Loader

 The transformer terminal connections are located on the deck where the white and red wires are connected.  The white is the U/Common/Blk and the red wire is the variable voltage ZW 12-16V.  In the diagram below the 12-16V connection on the inside of the base is the bottom terminal.

The postwar version terminals are on the deck. The prewar versions had them on the side.  See terminals here on the right side of the deck.
Dad's Operating instructions with our postwar version shows the deck terminals on the side.
Postwar with Top Power Connections 

Wiring Diagram  Base Wiring Inside 

Additional Information

The Lionel 164 Lumber Loader and 97 Coal Elevator Use the Same Controllers
and have similar wiring.  See additional information about the UCS Controllers.


Lumber Coal Loaders


Lionel's Service Information

Service Document Page 1

Links to PDF Documents of Interest

Dad's Instruction Booklet with Prewar Illustration on Front Page

Parts List for Repairs

Prewar and Postwar Wiring Information by Jim Weatherford



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