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MTH Santa/Elf Handcar 30-2511

  Repair Broken Handpump Handle on Handcars
30-2508, 30-2509, 30-2511, 30-2526, 30-4044-0, 30-4045-0

Santa Handcar Repaired

Repaired Handcar
The original handpump handle is green.  The available replacements are black.

Note the Shell is Not Reversible

Santa and Elf were not working before Christmas.  When the shell was removed the handpump broken part with prong fell out.  The MTH Exploded Parts Diagram did not show the Handpump Handle as a replaceable part.  The MTH part number for the Handpump Handle is FD-4200018.

Shell Alignment Shell Side Differences
The 3 shell screws assure the correct shell placement. Note each side on handcars are different.

Remove Handpump Handle Pin

Oversize Press Tool Custom Pin Remover
A Rivet and Wheel Press comes in handy.  The standard tool  available for pressing out the pin was too large. 
The bottom press tool was a perfect fit to hold the outside hub.
The resident machinist in the barn scrap crafted a 1/16" punch using 3/8" brass rod and 1/16" piano wire.
My "plus one" doesn't mind these "honey dos". 
Position Shell Remove Pin


Replacement Handle with Broken Part


Sides Aligned


Ream Santa and Elf Hands for Larger Handles if Needed

Ream Hand Ream Elf Hand
The original green handles measured 0.066" diameter.
The replacement black handles are 0.075" diameter. 
Gently ream the Santa and Elf hands with a 5/64" bit.
A hand held junk chuck is pictured.

Align Handle Tab to Motor Drive Prong

Tab to Prong

Center motor drive lever, set shell in correct position, and note handle prong alignment.
Note counter bore on one side of hand pump handle pin hole.  The pin starts there.
The counter bore is probably on the side away from the prong.

Set Handle Pin  Press Tools 
Pin Ready to Press  The top right tool was the oversize tool. 

Completed Repair

Santa and Elf are back at work on the completed car.
With the extended bumpers this car can join other adapted handcars for a "bumper fest".
See Enhance MTH Handcar Bumpers for How To.


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