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Helix Track Design

Helix tracks allow the train to move up and down extending a two-dimensional into three dimensions. Below is information on novel helix designs used with O-guage trains.

See photos and information about the  SSPRR Run Room Helix.

ssprr_run_room015007.jpgDouble Helix

This was my first helix. I bought it at a RMDTCA estate auction in about 1989 for $35. After running trains on it at a lot of train meets I sold it to a TCA member from New Mexico. That TCA member had bid against me at the auction but couldn't take it home with him because he was travelling in a Thunderbird. He was very happy to be able to finally purchase it to run in New Mexico.


View a slideshow of this compact double-helix that is designed for train shows and allows for the public's interaction with the layout.

Materials List and Drawings

The following information can help you construct a double-helix similar to the helix in the above slideshow:

Articles Featuring Various Helix Track Designs

Helix Design Calculator

Helix CalculatorClick on photo to see the Free Calculator for Planning and Constructing a Helix.

Ladder-Supported Helix

This unique helix has intertwined spiral loops.

Interior-Supported Helix Designs

These pages described helix-based layouts using internal support structures:

Corkscrew-Based Helix Designs

A corkscrew design allows the train to move up and down in the same circle. Click here for an example.


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