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Enhanced MTH Handcar Bumpers - Version 2

Lengthen the bumper on MTH handcars and they can bump each other.
The original Enhanced Bumpers (made of 3 wire cable) did not stay in place during continuous running.
The improved bumpers are secured with screws and will entertain audiences
while consists and/or runners are changed during Run Sessions.

Children at train shows enjoy the potential "wrecks" while runners stage engines and consists.
See cars in action at "Bumper Videos".

Three Cars with Improved Bumpers

Tob View Improved Bumpers 


Solving the Version 1 Bumper Failure

The experimental car is on the left.
Attaching the bumper to prongs with a screw cracked a bumper prong.
An attempt to secure the prongs with tie wire to prevent breakage failed.
The square holed washers on the right car keep the prongs together.


Original and Experimental Cars 


Extended Bumper Assembly


Remove top of Car (3 screws on bottom)
Gently place square hole washer on 2 pronged bumper.
Recess screw hole in beveled washer.
Insert screw into black beveled washer and screw into prongs.
(Focus on centering screw using slight pressure to drive in straight.
After starting screw, position 2 washers and secure with screw.)
Screw should not bottom out against bumper.

Test run car before adding top and adjust as needed for best operation.

Car on Left with tie wire was First Attempt

Naked car with 2 square hole washers in place

Carriage Bolt Washer Install

Parts for Bumper Extensions - Version 2


Use 6 parts for each car. 2 bevel washers, 2 screws, 2 square hole washers

5/8L Beveled Faucet Washers 29/32" O.D. (from Ace Hardware) Recess hole for screw head.

#7 x 7/16 in. Phillips Drive Pan-Head Sharp Point Framing Screw (Home Depot)

Carriage Bolt Washer w 1/4" Square Hole -
( Washers for Square-Neck Bolts,
Zinc-Plated Steel, for 1/4" Screw Size, 0.320" Inside Width)

          Bumper Parts V2   Part Labels

Cut Recess for Screw Head with Bevel Washer Clamp

Bevel Washer Clamped


Screw Recess Tools Tools Used to Cut Screw Recess

Fender Washer with 9/16" hole (for clamping bevel washer)
Quick-Grip clamps
11/32" bit to recess screw  (cut 1 curl with light pressure)
Non-skid shelf liner scrap


Bumper Cars

See multiple  handcars running together.
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