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Add Horn to Lionel M.O.W Command Tie-Jector 81445

Kit for Adding Horn to Lionel MOW Tie-Jector


As my Tie-Jector with Work Car pulled onto the main line, there was no horn for running.  There was no room for the horn addition in the Ti-Jector so the horn went into the Work Car.


Project Parts List

Motorized Tie-Jector and Work Car as Cataloged

Lionel M.O.W Command Tie-Jector #6-81445
with 20 wood ties- 2015 Catalog Vol. 2 p.96
Lionel Tie Work Car #6-82092
with 12 wood ties - 2015 Catalog Vol. 2 p.97
Tie-Jector Catalog Tie Work Car

Lionel Parts - 30 ties - Part #6000055005 TIE / UNPAINTED

Electric RR Parts to make kit in October 2016:
    DmLocoBrd/RCDR (Dummy Loco Board (for Couplers/LEDs)
       For backup light, add Rear LED to plug into RCDR circuit board
    RS-GP Diesel RailSounds, GP7/GP9 (includes speaker)
    Wiring Diagrams for RCDR kit and RailSounds kit

Kit Contents (30 extra ties not shown)

Kit Parts

The RCDR kit included individual wires with connectors to push onto sockets.

Layout and Preparation for Installation

Component Layout

Speaker, RailSounds Circuit Board, and Dummy Loco Board to be Mounted

Holes Drilled

Use A Unibit to Drill 7/8" Speaker Hole

Bottom w Holes

Speaker Hole Must be Positioned and Centered to Clear Beams

From Cab edge

Component and Wire Installation


Backup Light Insert backup light and secure to the cab roof with black electrical tape.
This light was in my MTH parts box #CE-1204000 LED , single, w/ wires and  2 pin connector.
The blue wire tested as the Positive wire.
The green terminal strip will be used for connections.


Wires Pulled

Speaker in Place and Wires Pulled - See Wiring Diagrams

Bottom w Wires

 Speaker in Place and Wires Pulled

Wires twisted

Circuit Boards Secured and Wires Connected
RunPrgm Switch Installed and Wires Twisted

CBs Closeup

Zoom Connections     See Wiring Diagrams

Off Side Wiring

Right Side of Work Car Wiring 

Right Side CloseUp


Wires Terminated

Wires Terminated - Right Side

Trial Runs

The first trial run started well.  The Tie Work Car is assigned the same TMCC engine # as the Tie-Jector.
With TMCC, two engines can have the same number and will respond as one engine.  The MTHDCS system will also run both as one TMCC engine.
After programing the RCDR board, the sound worked as expected But, with the speaker magnet stuffed into the hole the vibration was totally unacceptable.

Trial One 


The second trial run with the speaker cone over the hole was excellent.
The sound is much better with the hole in the car than without the hole.
The trial backup lite also worked as planned.

Trial Two 

Cover the Speaker and Electronics 

Completed Project 

A Lift Off Tie Pile Hides the Project

The Tie Pile is built around a U shaped piece of a manila file folder.  The ties are glued 5 ties high on each side.  There are 12 loose ties on top of the "box".  Some scrap spacers and supports are glued to the inside of the "box".

Tie Box Speaker  Tie Box Rear 
The speaker requires the "box" to be 1 9/16" wide inside.   Note the wood support added to the back of the "box". 

Additional Information

Insert Cab Screw  Screwdrivers 
There two cab body screws.  See Tie Car Manual P. 5.  All 3 screwdriver sizes were needed.


Leftover Parts
The end railing was reinstalled on the work to improve the appearance.


Note the Front Brace Added to the Inside Front of the Tie Box

See Additional Information and Wiring Diagrams

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