SSPRR Run Room

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MTH Mel's Drive-In Diner (#30-9105)

ssprr_run_room042001.jpgThis accessory was purchased in 2001, and installed in May of 2008.

After installing the Diner, the sound was bad. When the sequence started, the sound acted like a 78 rpm record played at 45 rpm or slower speed.

I purchased a new motor from MTH. That didn't help. The fix turned out to be resoldering cold solder joints in the main circuit board in the tower. Below is a summary of the repairs.

Diner Repair

The photos below show the inner workings of Mel's Diner.

View of the inside two structures with circuit board removed.
To remove roofs, carefully remove the plugs to access the screws.


The main circuit board in the center structure is the one that had the cold solder joints.
Use colored markers to code the connectors before removing connectors.
Remove connectors with care.



The top without the structures shows the wiring and both gearboxes.


The open bottom contains the gear train that shouldn't need servicing.


The bottom is in place ready for all the screws.



Diner Speaker Volume Control

Operating Drive-In Diner Volume contains suggestions posted on the OGR Forum  for lowering the Diner volume.  The suggestions were compiled and edited from posts made from 2011 through 2020.



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