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2316 Operating Gantry Crane - 1983, Page 1

 Add guide spanner to keep hook string between guide posts.
Lionel's 6-82097 - Bucyrus-Erie Command Control Gantry Crane has a similar spanner/guard.


    Lionel Operating Gantry Crane

This reproduction 282 Gantry Crane without magnet needed a tune-up/operating improvements.

Existing Materials Used for Hook Guide Spanner were:
    A scrap of gray Plastruct sheet - 0.062" .060 ABS SHEET
    Silk straight pins from sewing room
    White graft glue

To detach cab, unscrew and remove boom elevating screw assembly.  Remove cab by pulling bottom front sides of cab away from the Cab Lock tabs and lift off. Tabs


Punch guide holes to start drill bit.
Punch Hole Start 
Drill holes for straight pins.
Drill Holes 
Mark the gray plastic for cutting and drilling spanner.

 Test fit the spanner to holes.

Measure surplus to be cut off straight pins.
Cut Spanner
Check Fit Pin Length
Craft Glue Spanner Glued
White craft glue dries clear and soft.
Glue spanner and secure with straight pins.
Test Run and Inspect
Test run motors and operation.
My tests indicated the controller
needed repair.
See Controller Repair.

Completed Crane Upgrade 

Completed Crane Upgrade


See 2316 Operating Gantry Crane - 1983, Page 2 to build Replacement Controller


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