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    Scenery as Vignettes (movable) - Page 2

        The Run Room COO's (Chief Operating Officer) policy is "I don't do scenery".

          In the spirit of "There's an exception to every rule", scenery can serve a useful purpose.

The Pranksters Relocated to the Run Room

The Pranksters at the Tippy Outhouse by Greg Balmas, Action Animations (2004)
was relocated from the Simulated Disappearing Train Layout.


Completed Pranksters

See the Vignette Construction Below
The spotlight was added to light the interior during animation.

Removed from Past Layout

The Pranksters were removed from the past layout and set into a hole in the lid to prepare for installation.

Beaded Foam

The 1 1/2" thick beaded foam board was shaped to fit under the track rising from the Yard to the Rotary Tipple track grade
The slot in the foam and table surface is clearance for the tilting mechanism. 

Ready for Scenery

Test Fit Before Adding Scenery
The foam base tucks under the Tipple track leaving the yard.

Test Fit

Tested and Fit For Correct Momentary Switch Activation


Tipping 1 Tippint 2
Tip 3  Tip 4 

A momentary switch in the Yard table activates the tipping. 


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