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Operate Reefer Without Track Power

Below is information on how to operate the Mike's Train House (MTH) #20-94022 Reefer with the track power off. This unit was purchased in December of 2003 and unpacked in 2009.


When you activate the reefer, the door slides open, the worker inside pushes a load onto the adjacent ramp (included), and then slides the door closed again.

In this photo, the car and uncoupling/unloading track section (UTS) is ready for installation.

Smoke unit gives dry ice effect to inside of reefer!

Power Requirements

Track power must be on for operation when UTS track is supplied with auxiliary power.

All MY operating cars requiring operating track sections must operate off auxiliary power with track power off. A solution is shown here.

Operating without Track Power (Aux Only)

Operate MTH #20-94022 Reefer with Track Power Off Wire MTH UTS (Uncoupling/Unloading Track Section) for auxiliary power, and use a "SPDT ON (ON)" switch to alternate UTS center rail power between track power and auxiliary power.

MTS Instructions

MTH Instructions for UTS Track Section


Wiring Change for Operation with Track Power Off


Hunting for Solution to Operating Reefer without Track Power

...or, "How it Works"

MTH 15" Operating Track #45-1035 Controller Action
(aux power to UTS contact screws)ssprr_run_room028010.jpg
Followed Light Bulb Replacement Instructions to Disassemble Car




MTH #20-94022 Operating Reefer Wiring Information

ssprr_run_room028002.jpgTruck with the Pickup Roller to Reefer Circuit Board

UTS Center Rail/Pickup Roller to RL on circuit board

Control Rails Left or Right/Pickup Shoe to SL2 on circuit board

Outside Rail/Wheels (red wire out of truck) to GR on circuit board

The pressure switch engages the track power and car goes through unloading sequence. I didn't want to rewire the circuit board. The easiest solution is to switch the UTS center rail power source.


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