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Adapt Modern 282 Controller for Postwar Crane


 The 1999 Lionel Controller #6SP2998010 is for 2 DC motors and magnet, and switches the U/common.

The postwar controller is for an AC motor, solenoid, and magnet and switches the variable voltage line.

Reprocuction Controller
Postwar Controller

Cut Magnet Lever Slot

The slot in the postwar case holds the lever in ON position.  Remove modern Case (pull knobs up for case  removal).

Bend Lever for Notch

Bend Magnet control lever slightly to the right and notch will hold magnet power in ON position.  (The magnet can be damaged from overheating if left in ON position.)

Cut magnet notch in case (5/32" wide x 5/16" long) with jeweler's saw similar to saw at right.
Jeweller's Saw

Prepare Modern Circuit Board for Postwar Wiring

Remove 4 wire cable. Swap sides with the existing 2 wire cable so the black wire with white stripe (U/common) is toward center.

Diode Locations Wire Taps
Remove Diodes from Circuit Board
The diodes were located at black arrows above.
Clean solder holes next to lever contacts.
The gray 5 wire cable in photos the new postwar cable.
Bottom of Circuit Board
The numbers indicate 5 wire cable taps.


Attach the New 5 Wire Cable as Indicated.

  • Identify one outside wire of cable with marker or paint for the full length of cable.
  • Start at that wire and number it 5. Continue on down 4,3,2,1 for both ends of cable.
  • Strip and tin wire ends.


Postwar Wiring Diagram


Splice Taps
The 5 wire cable can be cut to lengthen or run under a layout.  These terminations show the gray cable from controller and black cable to the crane.
Crane Wiring
Red arrows indicate Crane wire taps.


Test.  Reassemble.  Label as a Postwar controller.

Use Postwar 282 Instructions for operation. 

Questions?   Please use to send an email.