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Playing with Toy Trains

6-24154 Lionel Maiden Rescue

The installation is with Gargraves track.   The train starts the action with a Lionel 153IR Controller or a custom made "track trip".


Maiden on Track

This Spacing works for High Speed Trains.  Position IR Controller as close to Track as possible.  Gargraves track is shimmed to allow building prongs to fit under track.

Maidedn and IR Spacing

Wire Color Coding eases Identification and Troubleshooting.  Use Maiden Rescue instructions for wiring from IR Controller.  The instructions with the IR Controller for Maiden Rescue are incorrect.

Maiden Bldg Wired IR Controller Wired

The A/Orange tap is 14 VAC.                           

Maiden Electrical Diagram Maiden Terminal Strip


An On/Off switch was added (brown wires) to prevent buzzing when accessory isn't being reset every time a train passes (the maiden and officer must be manually reset by pushing the officer's feet back). Switch Box on Facia


Track Trip Distance to Building  
Track Trip to Building Distance Track Trip Wire Connected


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