SSPRR Run Room

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K-Line 42509 Operating Speeder Shed with Turntable

The turntable was installed on a main loop in the Run Room and later moved to the Turntable Yard area with Conventional Control.


Turntable Shed Speeder


Run Room Turntable Yard Area

Turntable Yard


Turntable Repair - Tighten the Screw

My troubleshooter left a bad order ticket when he was helping me get ready for visitors.  Repairs take longer when track must be removed.
The speeder's turntable had quit moving with the speeder weight.


Loosen wiring that is secured under the table to allow turntable assembly removal.  The wiring in the shed will need slack and can remain connected.

The toggle switch marked SPEEDER controls the shed track.

The sticky note pieces indicate where track screws were removed.  Track screws had to be removed through the nearest curve.  A cordless screwdriver makes the job easier.


Problem is solved by tightening the black screw with the tiny lock washer.
Before tightening the screw, align the track for straight running with gear on edge of rock engaged.


As you tighten the screw press down on the center of track on the top.

Top Pressure Point



Just in case the screw loosens again, drill an access hole in the table.

Drill Table Hole


To access circuit board pull straight up on the wood box.
The box is a press fit.

Access Circuit Board


See Video with Operation in Yard

During Run Room construction the Turntable Yard Loop area was designed for conventional operation with a postwar ZW.  The skirt Velcro is loose for wiring access.

Conventional Operation




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