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Lionel Chase Cars

16674 Pinkerton Animated Gondola, white lettering, 1994

Pinkerton Chase Car

The lead wheel balancing weights over the truck withe the Drive Spur Gear were placed to enhance the chase action.

Repair Chase Car Action

When the teeth are worn off the Drive Spur Gear the chase stops.  Drive Spur Gear

See the (6-16674) Animated - Pinkerton (red) and Circus exploded diagram and parts list at .  Lionel lists "6106628055 DRIVE SPUR GEAR MLD CELC (#20 on diagram) $0.30 Available from North Lima Trainworks".  (When Lionel Parts Search refers you to North Lima Trainworks, call them if their website isn't working.)

Repair Sequence

Carefully remove Crate Load and Belt Assembly.


Set up Rivet and Wheel Press to punch out Pulley Stud 610-6628-095.  Punch to release Drive Spur Gear 
Chase Repair 1  Chase Repair 2 

Truck moved over and old gear removed  Pulley stud with pulley spool loose 
Chase Repair 3  Chase Repair 4 

 Chase Repair 5 1  Chase Repair 6 2
New gear assembly sequence 1, 2, and 3.  The Rivet and Wheel Press make this an easy job.  Chase Repair 7 3


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