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2316 Operating Gantry Crane - 1983, Page 2

The original controller plastic Lever Retaining Springs quit "springing" levers.
The replacement controller's momentary switches are more reliable.

Original Controller


Build a Replacement Controller

Materials for New Controller

Controller Materials

Purchased Materials - 4 - 1A 400V Rectifier Diodes (part #1N4004), 1 - 3.3" x 2.1" x 1.4" Project Box (cheap, better ones are worth the price).

In Stock Materials - Scrap of perforated circuit board, Surplus 22 gauge stranded hookup wire in misc. colors, and two Single Pole Double Throw Center Off Momentary Switches.  The surplus switches were rewired with the more flexible stranded 22 gauge hookup wire.

Materials Not pictured - In stock Wire-Plex 24-gauge Type FC4 Controller wire, and insulated pad for metal lid.

As Built Wiring Diagram

Circuit Wiring

Solder wires inserted through board.

After wiring, test the momentary switches to be sure the left controls the rotation and the right controls the hook.
Test the up down toggle directions when mounting switches.
Perf Board Set to Solder
Wiring 1 Ready to Box


Completed Replacement Controller
Completed Box
Original and Replacement Tops
Side by Side


Helpful Information for Building Replacement Control Box


Lionel's Original Circuit Board


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