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Postwar and Modern Diesel Engines

Video of UP FM H-10-44 Diesel with Action Consist


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Two of us were playing with a new video camera.
UP Action Consist

Diesel Engines - MTH

20-2082-1 UP FM H-10-44 Diesel Locomotive  - This was my first MTH locomotive and I upgraded it from Protosound 1 to Protosound 2.  See this engine with fun action consist
20-2306-1 Southern Pacific F-3 ABA set with PS2 - This is now in my "what's it for" area because I used it to pull my Santa Fe passenger cars with it while I waited for the upgrade kit for my 20-2151 ABA set.

First MTH Diesel

  30-2009-0 UP Gas Turbine Engine with Rail King passenger cars - This set used to run on my Double Helix when I took it to train shows.  I have upgraded it to Protosound 2 with a MTH Upgrade Kit.

UP Gas Tubine upgraded

20-2278-1 BNSF GP-9 Diesel Engine with PS2 - This engine replaced my Lionel 2343 Santa Fe A unit that was pushing the Dummy containing the ChooChooCam.  The banner on the Dummy says, "Restoration Sponsored by BNSF & SLSP Railroad".

BNSF ChooChooCam

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