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Plywood Lift Out Bridge Replaced with MTH 40-1031 Arch Bridge


Arch Bridge with Steam 

Replacement for Plywood Lift-Out 

Original Lift Out

Bridge with Girder Extension

Parts Needed for 2022 Lift Out Arch Bridge:
1 Gargraves track 37 1/4" long for total span
1 MTH 40-1031 Arch Bridge  (30" long)
1 MTH 40-1032 Girder brdge extension (12 3/8” long)
(My span required cutting off 1/4 of the extension.)

Bottom Wiring

Bridge and Table Track Wiring Switches Table Track Power

Contact Wiring

The Extension includes "2 Lionel TrestlePierAdapters" that can be used for joiners.

North End of Bridge Table Wiring Contacts

Table Contents

South End of Bridge Table Wiring Contacts

S Table Wiring

Bridge Stands in Corner when Passage is Open

Circuit Board for Blinking Red Light

Light cb

The 40-1103 Bridge Manual shows the "light control board" located in one of the three bridge piers. For the lift out bridge the "light control board" is placed in a box under the table. The mounting end of the "light control board" shown above was cut off to fit into the box.  While installing the bridge wiring "switch contacts" I damaged the bottom two diodes and replaced them.

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