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Upgrade UP #80 Coal Turbine

MTH 1999 Catalog Photo


This upgrade was completed in September 2010.


Experience with a previous diesel upgrade kit is advised.  Read the upgrade manual and slave instructions.
High resolution photos of "before, during, and after" may be invaluable for reference.

Review the Complete Project and Plan Locations and Fabrication of Parts.

Remove shells to see the Protosound 1 assembly.  Decide what you should keep.
    80B Unit with 2 smoke units,  2 motors, and see through shell.  The extra kit boxes contain leftovers that may be useful.

80B Unit Before without Shell


80B Unit Top Rear with PS1 Slave Board 80B Unit Right Side Rear with PS1 Slave Board
PS1 Slave Top PS1 Slave Right Side


80B Unit Top Center with PS1 80B Unit Right Side Front with PS1
80B Center Top PS1 80B Front with PS1


 The 80 Unit is stripped and prepared for the PS2 Upgrade Kit and larger harness.

80 Unit Stripped


See Special Section for Harness Adaptation Fabrication (click here)


#80 with PS2 Upgrade Kit Installed and Ready for Testing

#80 Test Ready

#80 Front Right Completed #80 Top Right Completed
80 Front Right Side 80 Front Top Inside

80B with PS2 Slave Board in Rear

80B PS2 Slave Board

The designated mounting bracket for the slave board is the silver heat sink bracket that must be electrically insulated from the components at connections.  (from AG, MTH technician)

80B Right Rear with Bracket on Slave Board

Slave Board Bracket

80B Front with Retained Smoke Unit On/Off Switch

80B Front with Smoke

Tender Retains Original Tether Rewired for PS2

Tender with PS2

80B Slave Board in Rear Completed Ready for Testing

80B with Wired Slave Board

80B Center Completed Ready for Testing

80B Center Complet

80B Front Completed Ready for Testing

80B Front Complete

After testing the wiring for #80B was carefully bundled for minimal view through the open shell.  Black spiral wire wrap was used on the added multiple wiring.

#80 Unit Complete Top View Ready for Testing

80 Top View

#80 Light Board and Heat Sink

#80 Front

Connect all units for testing.  Test before bundling wires.
Use PS2 Sound File from the 20-2678-1 #80 Coal Turbine in 2006 Volume 2 Catalog.

80 Coal Turbine Complete and Tested

#80 Complete and Tested

Coal Turbine Complete and Smoking - Tender, 80B, and 80

80 80B Tender Completed


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