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On Via Rail from Winnipeg Churchill

This rail trip was from November 14 to November 23, 2010 from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to see the polar bears.

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The baggage car proved to be an interesting car.

 Settlements north and south of Thompson depend on the train for freight and supplies since they have no highway access. Churchill is 180 miles north of the nearest gravel road connecting to the highway system 341 miles north of Thompson. Thompson's population is about 13,000 and is the last "city" before Churchill. The paved highway ends at Thompson and they have a Wal-Mart.

On the way to Churchill at Thompson, a food distribution truck backed up to the baggage car and unloaded, then a pickup backed up and two men put a washing machine in. I mentioned it must be used and was told it could have been new because excess boxes don't go to Churchill because the trash just has to be returned.








A narrated slide show of the Polar Bear tours is available here.

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