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On Via Rail from Winnipeg Churchill

This rail trip was from November 14 to November 23, 2010 from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to see the polar bears.

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Before our Sunday departure we stayed at the Hampton Inn near the Via Rail Station in Winnipeg.
My photos were taken with a Canon Rebel XT with a wide angle lens (no zoom or telephoto).

The trip to Churchill had a 12:30 PM departure from Winnipeg. Sunday and Monday night we travelled in the Sleeping Car with Churchill arrival in the dark at about 7 AM on Tuesday morning.

The return trip to Winnipeg had a 7:30 PM departure from Churchill. Saturday and Sunday night we travelled in the Sleeping Car with Winnipeg arrival at 4:45 PM Monday afternoon.

Via Rail goes from Winnipeg to The Pas via Canadian National track. Hudson Bay Railway Headquarters is located in The Pas. From The Pas to Churchill Via Rail uses Hudson Bay Railway track. The passenger train goes through The Pas at night coming and going so we didn't get to see The Pas. (Pas pronounced Pä)

Our passenger consist included two diesel engines, one baggage car, two coaches, one dining car, and one sleeper. In Churchill we were on the last Polar Bear tours of the season.


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