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    Scenery as a Necessary Evil - Page 1

        The Run Room COO's (Chief Operating Officer) policy is "I don't do scenery".

          In the spirit of "There's an exception to every rule", scenery can serve a useful purpose.

City and Suburb Modules Cover Access Hole and Ease Wiring

North End Lighted

Inside North Yard Raised and Lighted

N End Suburb Lighted

M&M's Trolley Line and Suburbs


Round City Section Over the Access Hole.

Miller Engineering Makes the Animated Cracker Jack Billboard and MTH Billboard on Roof.
See Installation.

Johnson's Rubber Road Hides Seams Between Quarter Sections

MTH #30-9103 Operating Flag
Operate at Minimum 9V Ac
Waving 1
Flag Added to Park Behind Theatre


N End Suburb Zoom

Road and Parking Gravel Hides Seam Between Foam Sections

Foam Circle

Two 4' x 8' Beaded Foam Insulation Boards Cut to 4 Sections of Circle
The foam board is used for ease of wiring off the train table and each section needs only one electrical drop per foam section.  The electrical drops avoid the Access Hole.  The 1 1/2" thick foam board was cut with a sabre saw, electric carving knife, and utility knife.  The edge contour allows for train overhang.

Layout Downtown

Layout Process for City Modules
Street lamps and buildings needed holes for wiring.  Wiring is embedded in bottom of foam.

Layout Suburb

Suburb Layout Process on Newsprint
This area used two foam sections.


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