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Postwar Lionel Lumber Loader 364 Reference

Below is a copy of the operating instructions materials list, and repair sketches for the Lionel Model 364 Lumber Loader.

Operating Instructions



Repair Notes Following Refurb Work

These notes were made after refurbishing this lumber loader:

  • Cleaned, Replaced broken belt, serviced motor.
  • Use no oil anywhere. Oil on belt ruins the belt. Use good gear grease in gearbox.
  • The motor brush holder is marked Part #622-115 on inside. Use brushes for 622 engine motor.
  • Shiny side of belt goes inside.

Part Numbers:

364-11 Log loader belt (red cloth)
364-52 Roller & pin
364-23 Guide block
364-24 Speed nut
364-48 Light cover assembly
364-50 unload platform, silver
364-68 Ladder (black)
364-109 Spring, motor mtd tension
364M-5 Armature assembly (364 and 397)
364M-12 Worm shaft
364M-17 Gear and shaft assembly
364M-20 Worm shaft bearing (each)
364M-24 Brush plate assembly (364/397/early)
364M-25 Pulley shaft pin


The following Sketches were made when I refurbished my Lumber Loader purchase in June 1989. (Before digital cameras).


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