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The CEILING TRACK CART below holds two postwar Lionel ZWs and one Z for track and accessory power. The MTH Z4000 with remote receiver box is for Conventional remote control. The 2 MTH TIUs control the ceiling, stubs, helix, and Trackside Industries tracks. The toggle switches in the blue box switch the 4 elevated areas of track to Command control (DCS or TMCC), OFF, or Conventional Remote control through the MTH Z4000.

Note lights under table  
Ceiling Cart 1 Ceiling Cart 2

CEILING CART - The orange gizmos on the top of the cart are Polyswitches for circuit protection.

Ceiling Cart 3

The CEILING CONTROL PANEL below is also located above the table for easy access since it controls turnouts and track power.  The wiring is color coded according to track color.
The Z-Stuff switch machines are attached with foam double sided tape and switch mostly turnout pairs.

Ceiling and Stub Tracks Panel

The TRACKSIDE INDUSTRIES control panel below is also out of reach of most kids of all ages.  The structure started out as a mountain and evolved into a 3 Track Engine House (to be completed "someday").  The turnouts are controlled with mom spdt center off toggle switches.  Tracks are controlled with sp toggle switches

Trackside Industries Control Panel

The TRACKSIDE INDUSTRIES control panel back shows under side of panel and the five 3/4" conduits for wire.

Tackside Industries Panel Rear

The TRACKSIDE INDUSTRIES cart below holds one postwar Lionel ZW and two postwar Lionel Zs for turnout and accessory power.  A MTH Z4000 with remote receiver box is for Conventional remote control. The accessories and turnouts have 6 different voltage taps available.  The switched plug strip is secured under the top shelf.       The dust brush is a rare very soft brush that I hold over engines and cars as they run by.

Trackside Industries Cart


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