Convert Carousels of 35mm Slides to Digital Images/Pictures

An automated, do-it-yourself setup using a digital camera

Convert 35mm Slides to Digital Images

Equipment Overview

With a Digital SLR, Kodak Carousel Projector, homemade ClickSlide controller box, and a Computer, you are ready to automatically convert your 35 mm slides to digital image files.  It's nice to have a 110V Plug Strip with ON/OFF switch and a Backup/Archival Hard Drive (minimum 200GB for 6000 slides).

Block Diagram - Click on Picture for Details
Operating Setup
Click for camera configuration details Click for details on modifying the Kodak carousel projector Click for details on operating the system (tips and tricks). Click for information on the control box used to trigger the system. Block diagram showing the 35mm slide converter system Complete 35mm Slide to Digital Image Conversion Setup Using a Carousel Projector

Major Components


Canon Digital Rebel XT EOS with add-ons

This camera is equipped with a macro lens and is outfitted to attach to the carousel projector.


Kodak Carousel Slide Projector

The lighting system is modified for proper slide illumination.

ClickSlide Box

ClickSlide Control Box

This is a customized control box that connects to your USB port. It triggers the carousel and camera at the proper times.

What You Can Expect

This system can convert one slide about every two seconds and can process a full carousel in about 2 minutes.

Below are some unedited examples of 35mm Kodak slides converted using this setup.

First Toy Train Layout - Christmas 1972

Family Christmas 1972

White Pass and Yukon Railway, Skagway, Alaska - September 2000

White Pass and Yukon Railway

Two more Setups by Others

This approach to 35mm slide conversion is just one of several found on the web. Here is one more approacheto consider:

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