Convert Carousels of 35mm Slides to Digital Images/Pictures

An automated, do-it-yourself setup using a digital camera

Modifications to the Carousel Projector

Getting an Old Projector

The best projector is the probably the one you already own.  It is probably the cleanest and you know its history.
Old Kodak Carousel projectors can usually be found on Craigslist, eBay, or at local thrift shops. This project uses a Kodak Model 5600 Projector. The manual for this unit can be found on Kodak's website.

Modifying the Projector

Remove the following items from the projector:

  • Original Lamp and lamp electrical connection to projector
  • Lenses from lens housing (you will use this housing as stray light shield between the camera lens and projector)
  • Built-In Viewer and drawer (obstructed camera bracket attachment)

Projector Lamp, Condenser, Heat-Absorbing Glass, and Mirror

Lamp Drawer

Power Supply and Lamp Drawer

The variable voltage power supply on the left is a toy train transformer, Lionel postwar Type 1033.

Lamp Drawer

The 12V lamp edge sits on a block cut to correct height from a dowel.  The 12V Lamp is a smaller diameter than the original lamp.  The 12V lamp electrical contacts will fit the projector's lamp socket if they are carefully bent.

The lamp used is a 12V, 20W "Lensed Narrow Flood" halogen with GU4 base.

Power the lamp with an external AC transformer. I used a variable voltage supply (train transformer) at 11V AC to drive the lamp. (It's nice to be able to vary the voltage. 12 volts was too bright.)

Lamp Drawer Top

Diffuser and Condensor

Light Assembly

A Diffuser is needed between the Condenser and Heat-Absorbing Glass. I used drafting velum. Others have used semi-transparent white plastic.

Left to Right - Condenser. Diffuser, Heat-Absorbing Glass, Mirror, 12V Lamp, and Original Socket

Adding a Mount for the Camera

Camera Bracket

My machinist buddy graciously volunteered to make the camera bracket.  The bracket is 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 18" long aluminum (scrap).  Remove the bottom from the projector and mount bracket with 4 each 1/4-20 flat head machine screws with fender washers and nuts on inside.
Temporarily reassemble and mark center for slot in relation to slide center.  My slot is 2 1/2" long.  Position the slot so the center of the 1/4-20 machine screw on the Knob will start 12" from 35mm slide and end 14 1/4" from slide   My padded hardwood block for Camera Mount is 7/8" x 2" x 4".  The padding is bicycle inner tube glued to block.  Many Ace Hardware stores carry the knobs.  Secure threaded rod in knob with permanent Loctite.  I used miscellaneous washers under knob to adjust for rod that was too long.

Camera Bracket

Additional Information

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