Convert Carousels of 35mm Slides to Digital Images/Pictures

An automated, do-it-yourself setup using a digital camera

Camera Setup

My Camera is an early 2006 model with Canon's EOS software interface. I have added the following items to the camera for
the conversion setup:

  • Canon EF100MM F2.8 Macro Lens (will focus up to 1' between focal plane and slide)
  • Canon AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC20 for Rebel XT (replaces battery)
  • 2.5mm Stereo Plug/Plug M/M Cable M/M Cable (camera to ClickSlide box to control shutter)
  • USB cable for camera to computer
  • EOS Utility software (free with camera)  Use to set file folder destinations and sync with computer.

See Camera settings on the Operating the Slide Converter page.

This setup will work with other brands and/or models of cameras and projectors.

  Securing the Camera to the Carousel

The camera is pointed directly at the slide. The macro lens is used to focus on the slide emulsion while filling the imaging sensor with the slide image.


Attaching the camera to the carousel Camera lens hood

The carousel lens housing is used to block stray light between the macro lens and the slide. The optics have been removed from the carousel lens housing.

Black construction paper is used to provide additional light blocking.

Details on the mounting bracket used to attach the camera to the carousel can be found on the Carousel Modification page.

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