History Train - Rail Journey in Private Rail Cars

Thursday, September 3 to Sunday, September 13, 2015

Private Rail Cars

The History Train cars were furnished by American Rail Excursions, Inc.  The cars are owned by private parties and based in Madison, IL across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri.

The Pacific Union Sleeper, City of Angels Business, and Royal Street Observation cars are described in the Tour Book.  We were in the Royal Street Observation car.

Royal Street Observation

Rear Royal Street

Royal Street

Royal Street, City of Angels, and Pacific Union connected to Amtrak #306


City of Angels Dining Area

City of Angels Dining
City of Angels Dining 2
City of Angels Dining 3

Royal Street Diagram


Bedroom A below is the mirror image of our Bedroom D.
The night setup is 2 single bunks (1 up and 1 down).  The top bunk has a very limited window view.

Day setup

Window and Table

Our Royal Street Bedroom was a bedrooms C and D with the partition between them folded away.

The following photos are our bedroom starting at the door of D and continuing counter clockwise through C.
Our night setup allowed us both a lower bunk and we each had a half bath.

D Closet

D Bed and Table

Both of us used our extra blanket at night.


D Table


D Half Bath


D Half Bath

D Half Bath 2

Toilet with Sink Folded Up

D Sink Down

D Sink Down
When the train is running be sure to tilt up to dump water so it doesn't slop out.

D Half Bath 4

This is the only electrical outlet for Bedroom.

D Light and Shelves

Hook on D Half Bath Door

D Door Inside and Storage

D Door Inside and Storage Above Bathroom

D Door Inside

D Lighting Controls

The C Bedroom Top Bunk is set up above the Window.

C Bedroom Night Setup

C Bedroom Night 2

C Storage Above Door and Bath

C Half Bath

Toilet with Fold Down Sink are opposite this Wall.

Access to Cars


Front of Pacific Union car

Pacific Union to Amtrak


Royal Street's "Cat Bird" Seat for Rail Fans
Rail fans prefer sitting here to watch the track and scenery as we pass. The Amtrak conductor also sits here when his train is making a backup move. The cabinet to the right contains his horn switch, air valve, etc. There is also a light that will light the track at night while running.

Observation Seat

Amtrak #30 Photos by Jim Mullison at Brunswick, MD on Sat. September 5 2015

This is our train. Click on photos to see Jim's full size photos.

Royal Street City of Angels Pacific Union to Amtrak Amtrak Engine #203
Royal Street City of Angels Pacific Union to Amtrak Amtrak Engine



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